Oriental Medicine and Health Services



Herbs are not just herbs…

  • "Herb" is the common term used for all items within the materia medica
  • There are types of substances other than those derived from plants
    • Animal products such as meat, bones, fossils, fish, insects, and even feces
    • Minerals

Why take herbs?

  • Medicinal herbal therapy works well in conjuction with acupuncture
    • Daily support for the energetic re-programming and re-balancing efforts of acupuncture
    • Shortened duration of treatment / faster recovery
  • Stand-alone therapy
    • Less expensive than acupuncture
    • Currently more popular in China than acupuncture
    • Sometimes more effective than acupuncture
  • Originally trial and error
    • Keep what works
    • Discard the ineffective
  • Complex theories developed
  • Modern herbal formulas
    • Proven over time
    • Research driven
  • Tremendous range of use
    • Internally
    • Externally

Treatments and Safety

  • For thousands of years in China, herbs were used to treat every health problem encountered and for general well being / longevity
  • Properly prescribed herbs are safe with no negative side effects
  • Chinese herbal formulas can be safely taken with most types of prescription drugs
    • Always make sure your herbalists has your complete list of medications and supplements