Oriental Medicine and Health Services


Qigong History

2800 BCE to 200 BCE

  • Mostly Qigong for health
    • Many written references
    • Little record of actual practices
  • Daoist & Confucian
    • Keep selves healthy
  • Medical
    • Keep others healthy



  • During this time period, the exercises were simple
  • Chinese medical theory was not as well developed
  • There were little or no spiritual aspects to the practice of Qigong

200 BCE to 500 CE

  • Buddhism from India spread through China
    • Pranayama
  • Spiritual Qigong developed
  • The Path to Enlightenment
  • Methods were kept secret
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Daoist Qigong evolved

Hua To

  • Famous physician
  • Wu Qin Xi (5 animal frolics)


  • Qigong became more complex
  • Chinese medical theory and qi circulation were better understood
  • Therefore, the sets were more efficient than older sets
  • Spiritual Qigong was not taught to laymen

500 CE to 1911 CE

  • Martial Qigong developed
  • Damo came from India and traveled to the Shaolin Temple
  • Monks found these exercises increased their strength

Martial Qigong

  • 5 animal styles
    • Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Snake, Crane
  • Waigong (external styles)

Neigong (Internal Styles)

  • Hard styles
    • Use Qigong to cultivate strength
    • Use one’s own power to overcome others
    • Hung Ga
  • Soft styles
    • Use Qigong to cultivate a strong, relaxed structure
    • Iron wrapped in cotton
    • Use softness to overcome opponent’s force
    • T'ai Chi

Chinese Medical Theory

  • Chinese Medical theory matured and reached an apex
  • Added to the complexity and efficacy of Qigong
  • affected all 3 branches
    • Spiritual, Martial, and Medical


  • External Qigong healing
  • Practitioner uses own qi to affect the qi of another for health benefits
  • Based on Chinese Medical theory
  • No touching is involved


  • Qigong became intertwined with martial arts, giving rise to martial qigong
  • Chinese medical theory peaked, and medical qigong became more widespread
  • Spiritual Qigong was still being kept secret
  • Qigong was generally becoming more popular

1911 CE to Present

  • Founding of the Chinese Republic
  • Later, the People's Republic of China
  • Qigong has become more popular and widespread
    • Mass communication
    • Old texts made available to public, secrets revealed
  • Exchange of ideas with India, Japan, Korea
  • Modern scientific research