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Tuina Bodywork

Bodywork Training of Brian C. Allen, MSTOM

All of the massage and bodywork classes that Brian took were at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, CA.

While enrolled in the Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine degree program at PCOM, Brian took many extra classes in bodywork that were not part of the standard Master's degree program. In fact, only 2 Tuina classes were required in that program: Tuina hand techniques, and Tuina for structural disorders. He felt that bodywork was a very important part of Chinese Medicine and should be part of his overall treatment arsenal.

Brian was licensed to practice massage in San Diego for 4 years while completing his other course work. He currently holds 5 different bodywork certifications.

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200 Hour Massage Technician Certificate 300 Hour Tui Na Certificate 500 Hour Massage Therapist Certificate 1000 Hour Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate 651 Hour Oriental Body Therapist Certificate

On June 27, 2006, Brian and his practice of Tuina were featured in the Health Section of the Delaware News Journal. The article has since been removed from their online access, but you can click here for a PDF copy of the article.

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Brian performing Tuina on patient's arm Close up of Tuina